How are you doing?

Pi Day - Read Together Art Sneak Peek

How are you doing? 

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The last week or so has been nothing short of tumultuous, in Web3 and in the overall financial ecosystem as a whole. Personally, I haven't been directly impacted by all of the banking debacles, but the indirect impact will certainly continue to reveal itself over time.And for me, it's a heavy thing to carry.I've noticed my jaw is clenched more than normal (which is saying a lot, because I'm always carrying stress in my jaw).Which made me wonder - how are you doing?Like really really.Are you doing ok?If you need a friend to chat with, please don't hesitate to reach out.I might not have any solutions, but I have two ears (and eyes) and would love to be a friend to you if you need someone to chat with.

It's Pi Day! 3.14159.....

Yellow text on a black background with a LOT of decimals of Pi. 3.14159........

How many decimals of Pi can you recite without looking right now? (Probably should have put the image below this question...)I got as far as 3.14159, which is either exactly as far as I learned back in elementary school, or my subconscious memory picking it up from seeing it online somewhere.Just for fun, I wanted to put Pi on the blockchain.Why?There's a bit of irony here.Scarcity mindset is abundant in society, particularly in western culture.While we don't have time to go into the why behind that in this newsletter, I believe that Web3 is missing on an opportunity to help us break the cycle that scarcity mindset often creates."Grab your piece of the pie" can be replaced with the sentiment that "There is more than enough pie to go around" in Web3, and that still gives me hope for the future of decentralization and ownership as a whole. (yeah, you can probably tell I've been thinking about this a lot since the SVB news)Pi is never ending. And while it technically has a limited supply in this mint, this project symbolizes the abundance nature of Web3. There's more than enough Pi to go around (because it never ends), and I think that's a message we all need to hear today.

Read Together

Read Together

March reading is underway! How are you doing with your reading goals?If you're part of Read Together, your February NFTs will be landing in your wallets soon!And because you're subscribed to this newsletter, you get a sneak peek of March's Read Together art by the one and only @maleha_arif.You can sign up for Read Together here.

Artwork by @maleha_arif

Thank you for being here friends.I've got some new pieces I'm in the editing stages on, and can't wait to share them with you all.And for real - if you need someone to chat with, please reach out.This season has been tricky to say the least - but you don't have to navigate it alone.