First and Last Newsletter...

Revue is shutting down. Floor is on Product Hunt. YOU get a free NFT.

Perfect Timing - What's your wallet?

The news landed today. Revue (this platform) is shutting down in January. Which means my timing for launching a newsletter on this platform was IMPECCABLE 🫠

So, that means this is the first & last newsletter you'll receive from me through Revue. I'll be looking for a new platform, but in the meantime you ALL will receive a FREE NFT!!


As promised, the first 25 subscribers will be getting a special drop.

Please send your ENS or ETH wallet addresses to [email protected]

Everyone who signs up will also get an airdropped NFT commemorating the launch of this newsletter (and migration to a new platform 🫡).

Floor is on Product Hunt!

You know I love @Floor. What you might not know is that I've been working with the team over the last quarter! I'll tell you more about that someday, but more importantly:

Today, we launched Floor on @ProductHunt, and we would LOVE your support!

Pro tip: if you want to skip the waitlist to access Floor, use THIS LINK and click "Skip the waitlist".

Wrapping Up:

Finally, I wrote a bit about AI, DSLRs, and the way disruption tends to lead to heated debate. You can read more below:

We’ve seen a lot of discussion around Artificial Intelligence this year. From AI Art Generators to ChatG...

Thank you friends.

I'll be writing a bit more, and have some fun surprises in store for you all.

Oh you were hoping for alpha? Ok ok.

It was a celebration of my 34th birthday.

And...well - January 10th '23 is just around the corner - if you catch my drift 😏

Cheers friends.

Talk soon!