Second (First) Newsletter

New Mints, Birthdays, Wallets, and Reading Together

Second (first) Newsletter

Second (first) newsletter

Well, after the first (last) newsletter, it's time for the second (first) newsletter. Confused yet? Me too.In case you're new here, Revue announced that they were shutting down at the most convenient time, right after I launched this newsletter. So, we're starting fresh, with the second issue, but the first on beehiiv! TL;DR, this issue talks about:


  • Read Together

  • NFT Drops - Wallet Collection (please read this part)


Short & sweet, because no one has time for all of my nonsense ;)

35 GMs for my 35th birthday!

Last year on my 34th birthday, I launched my first ever NFT collection, The 34 Project.January 10th is my birthday (insert a Capricorn shout out here), and I've got another project launching today to celebrate!35 GMs35 Gradients350 Pieces.0035 EachMint starts at Noon EST, and will be live for 24 hours, or until the collection mints out.

And no - I didn't forget to add the Capricorn shout out. That's for your imagination to fill in the blank ♑️


Before web3 & before Germination Labs, I was a commercial photographer. Eventually the work consumed the passion, and photography turned into a grind, eventually leading to major burn out.I put the camera down for a LONG time, but web3 has done something I didn't know would be possible. It has sparked a new passion for photography in me.Introducing Papyrographia. Photos of paper, but not quite like you might imagine.

Papyrographia - Midnight Peaks - a photo of paper by James Richard Fry

In addition to 35gms, Papyrographia will launch as a Timed Edition mint for about 48 hours. By the time you read this, the mint will have already opened, but hopefully not closed yet! 

Read Together

Read Together

Have you set a reading goal for yourself for 2023? Me too! I'm shooting to read 50 books this year, or roughly one a week. It's a lofty goal, but breaking it down to monthly bites, and weekly nibbles, I'll eat this elephant.

One way I'm motivating myself is through Read Together. Set your monthly reading goal. Hit your goal. Get a free NFT. It's free to participate, and we've got a really fun Twitter Community cheering each other one, and sharing bits about what we've been reading! Come Read Together with us!

Wallets Please!

If you were in the first 25 subscribers group, I've emailed you separately to collect your wallets. If you're reading this, you're part of the first 100, and now I need your wallet address! Both groups each get an NFT drop for being early to the newsletter. 


In case you missed it - I wrote about AI, DSLRs, and Disruptors.(nothing else for the sake of even a tiny ounce of brevity here haha.That's it for this one friends!I promise future newsletters will be less "housekeeping" and more content.We just had a lot to cover today!Thank you all for being here.It means more than you can know.